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Recorded in October 2012.


released March 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Tramwreck Sweden

We are a hardcore band from the island of Hisingen located in Gothenburg, Sweden. We like to play fast and write songs about Satan of whom we are great fans.

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Track Name: Vikings of the Wasteland
Frozen in a glacier until the end of time
Awaken to a wasteland ruled by force and vicious crime

Unleash the war machine and grab your axe
Unleash hell, our time to rule is now

Throughout the waste, there’s now a scourge
Spreading war and misery all across this cursed earth
Makeshift settlements are plagued by these mighty Norsemen
That which is rebuilt is teared down

Vikings of the wasteland – defying our fate
Vikings of the wasteland – unleash the hate
Vikings of the wasteland – rule the waste
Vikings of the wasteland – Valhalla awaits
Track Name: Face-eater
Rotting flesh between his teeth
He’s on the prowl for meat
You won’t live to tell, he’ll eat your face
And you will face defeat

Face-eater, he’ll kill tonight
Face-eater, blood spilled tonight
Face-eater, he’ll kill tonight
Death by face removal

Victims unidentified
Of the face nothing remains
There’ll be another kill tonight
Another victim slain

Curfew issued, empty streets
Still people are killed
Succulent meat of face
He’ll have his hunger stilled
Track Name: DFA
Buenos Aires is no more
We have no chance of going home
Deep in hostile territory
In the quarantine zone
Klendathu was a mishap
We’ll have no more of that
We’re on our way to Planet P
To get those fuckers back

Welcome to the Roughnecks – DFA
Rasczak’s Roughnecks - DFA

We’ll take their queens, we’ll take their brains
To protect the federation
We’ll have every bug slain
To prevent an invasion
Operation Bughouse failed
Now we’re thinking Q bomb
We’ll send those fuckers back to hell
Back where they belong

Welcome to the Roughnecks - DFA
Rico’s Roughnecks - DFA
Track Name: Worship the Bomb
A degenerate race of sewer dwelling mutants
Living in a tunnel beneath a city of graves
Shielding from the wasteland, their inmost sanctum
Praying for a new dawn and to be saved

The future holds no numerous gods
There is only one – We worship the bomb
Push the button, living death forever
The final solution – We worship the bomb

Hiding their faces from all but their new God
Those who seek refuge are held up in chains
Worship is daily, ceremonial praises
To the one who can destroy all life that remains

Operational controls in their subterranean church
One push away from thermonuclear death
Their God stands awaiting the final command
An entire planet draws it’s last breath
Track Name: Bikes are for Bruisers
The world is dying
Before our eyes
No use in crying
Everybody dies
The sissies and the mama’s boys
Keep burning fossil fuel
That’s fucking lame, that’s fucking dumb
Because bikes are fucking cool

Bikes are for bruisers
Bike fast, die now, no way, no how

Handlebars shining
Mount up, lets ride
No use in whining
Everybody dies
We’ll pedal hard, we’ll pedal fast
On cue, on point, on time
Hardcore punks on bicycles
Beyond reason and rhyme

Biking bruisers
Walking losers
Track Name: Purified Mutation
Purified mutation
Forged in toxic chemicals

Send me to hell – Let me suffer for my crimes
Send me to hell – The mutilation of a newborn child

Watch me burn – The wasteland shaped me into this beast
Watch me burn – I’ve fed on humans whenever I’ve pleased

Purified mutation
Feral senses bred in blood

Send me to hell – My body forged by science and pain
Watch me burn – Twisted my mind and made me insane

Purified mutation
Track Name: Natas Liah
I pledge my soul to the dark one below
I’m doing his bidding, I’ll kill in his name
Surrender your body, surrender your soul
Hellfire’s rising, he’s taking his claim

Surrender your soul, surrender your life
I’ll quench my thirst with the blood of your child

The dead awaken to feed of the living
Apocalypse’s coming, there’s no time to spare
Demons are reaping the blood of virgins
Churches are burning, God dies in despair

Natas liah

Gluttony, murder, die by your sins
Saints mutilated, men put to the test
Unholy terror, the slaughter begins
All die by fire, the torment of flesh
Track Name: Cut off my Balls
This world is so damn bogus
I don’t see enough death
Instead folks procreate
It’s got me so upset
But I will make difference
One man can make a change
My seed is mine to keep
But I’m sure they’ll call me insane

Cut off my balls
Cut off my balls
I will not contribute
I will not procreate

I will not be a part of
The continuum of man
I want to end this virus
I’ve got a simple plan

No offspring will I leave
No child will bare my name
I’m setting an example
But I’m sure they’ll call me insane