by Tramwreck



Recorded in January 2014.

TW will be released on ten inch vinyl late 2015.


released October 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Tramwreck Sweden

We are a hardcore band from the island of Hisingen located in Gothenburg, Sweden. We like to play fast and write songs about Satan of whom we are great fans.

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Track Name: Satanic Panic
Give me some dumb shit I can abuse
I know it’s stupid, it’s what I choose
Born to die, aiming to lose
Drugs, fatty foods, cigarettes and booze

Satanic panic
Satanic panic

Give me young minds I can corrupt
I know it’s immoral, don’t give a fuck
Hoping to live, shit out of luck
Death, famine, plague, it’ll all probably suck
Track Name: Älska Satan, Hata Livet
Åsidosatta gång efter gång
Och hatare lär ju fortsätta hata
Vi tar med oss hela scenen i fallet
Hardcore från gatan? Vi har hardcore från Satan

Älska Satan, hata livet
Det fördelaktiga tidsfördrivet

Ta era låtar om känslor och släng dem
Att vara deppig tjänar fan inget till
Vi snackar PMA, hardcore och Satan
Tre saker som tar oss dit vi vill
Track Name: Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes
Good morning Mr. Pig
Have you met Mr. Grinder
Good morning Mrs. Cow
Have you met Mr. Grinder
We need your flesh to live
We need your flesh to eat
We don’t await approval
Your meat is such a treat

Grind that beef up, roll them balls
Mash them 'taters, lingonberry sauce

We ain’t no vegan punks
We’re just a heartless bunch
We’ll eat a soulless beast
Straight up don’t give a fuck

Your farmer’s fields left barren
We’re taking all them taters
Boil them up and mash them
No love for the meatball haters
We’ll grind that beef up proper
We’ll roll them perfect balls
We’ll pick them lingonberries
We’re going to eat it all
Track Name: I Swallowed Satan's Semen
Orgies in rotting flesh
Rituals in pending death
He made a good point
He took away my breath
I’ll gladly kneel before him
I’ll grab that pecker tight
I’ll put it in my mouth
And fucking take him for a ride

I swallowed Satan’s semen
I vomited a child
I swallowed Satan’s semen
It tasted fucking vile

Apocalypse, it’s all around
Hellfire’ll take your town
I brought this all upon us
The shit’s going down
His oral fixation
My life for the cause
Caught me by surprise
Dislocated my jaw

When Satan fucking offers
Who am I to decline
When Satan fucking offers
I don’t spit it out
I bring forth damnation
I represent the end
I bring forth damnation
I am pestilence
Track Name: Midvinternattsblot
We celebrate things yet come
Rituals in aging flesh
No turning back once it’s begun
We celebrate decay and death

We’ll baptize you in filth and pain
We drink the blood of Christian dogs
Not one drop is spilled in vain
We heed the call of pagan gods


Bodies piled up at the stake
The fire burns blazing hot
All we want is ours to take
I smell death and putrid rot